Federal Energy Tax Credit for Gas Fireplace Inserts

Conserve Energy, Save Money

Purchase a qualifying High Efficiency Fireplace, Insert, or Stove and get up to a 30% Tax Credit (max $1,500)

Some of the obvious advantages of installing a gas fireplace are that it’s a lot easier to simply turn it on than drag in firewood and start a fire.  Plus gas fireplaces don’t produce smoke and other byproducts that can be hard on people with asthma or who are just sensitive to air pollution.

Gas fireplaces are easy to maintain and can be an effective way of zone heating your home (this is when you just heat up the rooms you’re living/working in as opposed to turning up the thermostat to have heat kick in all over the house.  They can be pretty inexpensive compared to wood-burning fireplaces too (depending on the area where you live, gas can cost as little as 25% of the price of buying firewood).

The realism and warmth provided by today’s natural gas fireplaces have contributed to their increasing popularity with homeowners. They are now among the leading optional features in new homes. The industry sells over 1 million units each year and has experienced 30 percent sales increases for the past three years.

The convenience and safety of gas fireplaces make them a good choice for any room in your home or apartment. Clean, convenient, cost-effective and easy-to-use natural gas ends the work and the mess of a fireplace. Because of growing concern for the environment in recent years, restrictions have been placed on wood-burning fireplaces and wood stoves in selected communities throughout the U.S.

There’s natural gas equipment to fit almost any room. Natural gas fireplaces are structurally similar to wood-buring fireplaces. They are complete units that include a ceramic log set contained in a combustion chamber with a glass front. Their venting system eliminates the need for a traditional masonry chimney.

Brennan Heating has gas fireplaces, stove and fireplace inserts from world leaders in hearth products for comfort and beauty. Learn how our products can add value to your home, warm your surroundings and make life more pleasurable. Give is a call at 206-240-7900 for a free consultation and to take advantage of the Energy Tax Credit deadline 12/31/10.

Gas Fireplaces

Premium Series

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Designer Series
360DVSL/R (left or right corner)

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Gas Fireplace Inserts Gas Stoves

Premium Series

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Comfort Control System

Comfort By Remote 

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Gas Logs

Real-Fyre Gas Logs 

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Designer Series
Split Oak

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