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The Facts: Did you know that a typical home can cause twice the greenhouse gas emissions of the typical car? Each ENERGY STAR qualified home can keep 4,500 lbs of greenhouse gases out of our air each year. And because homes have such long life spans, this environmental benefit lasts for many, many years.

What is your Energy Score?
What is your Energy Score

Part of the Energy Star® Home Provement Area is a great little tool to rate your home energy use by geographic region! You’ll need the last 12 months of utility bills, your home’s fuel types and square footage. Don’t wait – this is a great way to evaluate your journey to more efficient living. Energy Star® also provides you with tips for improving your energy use – free advice from people who know best. You can’t beat that!

Visit Energy Star® Now: Get Your Energy Score

HVAC Tax Credits is a site dedicated to those interested in helping protect our world with environment friendly heating & cooling options. Here you can stay up to date on current tax incentives & high efficiency products for your home heating and cooling needs while learning about new ways to make a better tomorrow! Thank you for joining us in making a better world!


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