Brennan Heating Reviews…

We’re always happy to get words of appreciation from our clients.  It’s encouraging and nice to hear, it’s the little things like this that mean a lot to our company.

Sent: June 10, 2011

As a long time general contractor and heavy construction superintendant (now retired), I wish to express my complete satisfaction for a job well done on our heat system conversion.

Of the six people representing Brennan on this job, it would be hard indeed to pick one out as more outstanding than another.  The work ethic and job skills demonstrated by each were a credit to themselves and Brennan.  The scheduling and promptness of each employee/craftsman to arrive and complete our heat pump retrofit in a timely and efficient matter was as impressive as the workmanship itself.  This may be just another job for Brennan and company, but as a customer it feels like being given special treatment.  Thank you again….

Best Regards,

Jon H.


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Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality heating, cooling, and electrical services to the greater Seattle area.
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