Flow-Through Humidifiers for Maximum Comfort

Seattle HumidifiersWith the outdoor temperature dropping, staying comfortable inside your house is more than just turning up the thermostat. The easiest way to maintain a comfortable home all winter is with a whole-house humidifier. A flow-through humidifier can help you save money on that energy bill by keeping your home at an ideal indoor humidity level, which can even let you turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees.

Honeywell Whole-House Flow-Through Humidifiers send air from your heating and cooling system through a moisture-filled humidifier pad, which lets the air pick up the moisture evenly. A whole-house humidifier mounts onto your furnace and uses water from your home’s existing water supply, making it a convenient add-on to your heating system.

Flow-Through Humidifiers and Your Furnace

When we use a furnace to heat our home, it causes the moisture in the air to evaporate. This lack of moisture in the air pulls moisture from the skin, causing the body temperature to fall – it’s the same reason you feel colder after stepping out of the shower or pool. A home humidifier can help prevent this loss of skin moisture-and the winter chills.

Flow-through humidifier benefits:

  • Prevents wood products like flooring, picture frames, pianos and cabinetry from being damaged due to dry air
  • Decreases static electricity in your home
  • Improves your home’s atmosphere and air quality
  • Moisturizes the body’s respiratory system
  • Helps relieve and prevent a sore or scratchy throat
  • Helps with chronic allergies
  • Helps asthma sufferers
  • Can reduce infections by keeping mucus membranes of the throat and nasal passages moist
  • Relieves and prevents dry skin and cracked lips
  • Reduces the risk of nose bleeds
  • Reduces dust particles

Would You Like to Learn More?

If you’re in Washington State, we offer a free energy consultation; and if you would like to feel the joy of warm, humidified air all season long, contact Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning, your source for Seattle humidifiers.


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