Service Technician Award of the Month goes to Mike at Brennan Heating!


Good day,

I called earlier today (112312) about the Service Tech that came out and I wanted to make sure everyone knew what a fantastic job he did, and made your company stand out above others we have used.

“Mike” (invoice number 70454) came to our home after I called because we had no heat.  From the minute I opened the door, I could tell he is a true professional, with some of the best customer service I’ve seen for some time.  His demeanor was not only professional, but friendly and outgoing.

I told Mike what the problem was and he went to work.  Mike tried a couple of things and at first believed he had the problem solved when the heater kicked on.  He didn’t just close it up and declared it fixed, but waited to make sure.  After a couple of minutes the heater stopped working and Mike went back to work to locate the problem.

After a bit, the only thing he could come up with was a “High limit switch” (something like that) and he went to work trying to find one.  Being the day after Thanksgiving, nothing was open and it looked like we would have to wait to order the part Monday, leaving us with no heat.  I asked Mike about calling another company to see if I could buy one and have him come back.  Without hesitation, Mike said that would work and he would come back if I found one, regardless of the hour because we had no heat.  I asked Mike how much one would cost and he thought it would be about $180 or so.  I asked what would happen if that wasn’t the problem and he went into detail about what he could do next, with a lot more expense.

We talked for a bit while Mike was looking for other areas that could cause the problem and he asked if we had a return vent (I can’t remember what it was called, but knew what he was talking about) and I showed it to him.  I told him since living here (10 years) I hadn’t even thought about it, but the last time I changed the filter was about 2 years ago.  Mike kind of laugh and said “I know what the problem is.”  He opened the cover and as he pulled down the filter said “Yup, this is the problem.”  The filter as it turns out didn’t have to be there and Mike explained that is what the filters above the heater were for.  This filter was so bad, I could not believe it.  When Mike held it to the light you couldn’t even see through it!

I guess what it all comes down to is Mike could have left, came back with a bunch of expense parts (which we really don’t have the money for), replaced it and when it didn’t work, went for more parts.  It tells me a lot about your employees and that they can be trusted.  Mike took the time and figured out what a dummy I am (No, he didn’t say that, I did), but he didn’t.  If (I hope not) we ever have another problem with the heater, you guys will be the first one on the list.  This is the second time we have had you guys out (first time was Nov 2008), and I wish I had thought about writing a letter for him to, he was great.  I’m not sure where you guys are getting your people, but you’re doing something right so keep it up…J

Thank you (and Mike) so much.

Robert (Jake) and Terri F.


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