Air Conditioning Can Save Lives

Air Conditioning Can Save LivesA new study has shown that not only can air conditioning improve quality of life, it can also save lives. According to the study, over the past half-century, the use of air conditioning has contributed to the decline of heat-related deaths in America. An article in the Washington Post explains the new discoveries.

About the Study

The MIT Department of Economics conducted a study in December of 2012 to determine how people have adapted to climate change over the 20th century. The study found that deaths due to heat dropped roughly 80% between 1900-1959 and 1960-2004. The findings also concluded that the widespread adoption of air conditioning in residential homes was the main reason for the decline.

What do these findings mean?

Climate change is affecting people all over the world by causing heat-related deaths that could be prevented. Since residential air conditioning is now known to be the best technology for mitigating the problem, it can also be used to help reduce heat-related deaths abroad.

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