Seattle Heat Wave Sheds Light on Need for AC

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In past years, many Seattle-area homeowners chose to just grit their teeth and sweat it out through the region’s short-lived hot months, but the recent heat wave striking the area so early has many buckling down and getting central air conditioning installed. And once they have it installed, they wonder why they waited so long to have their home feel like a cool oasis during the summer months.

The early warm weather has been a strange phenomenon for the Seattle metro area. Phoenix and Seattle don’t have much in common weather-wise, but as early as May, Seattle was surprisingly toe to toe with Phoenix for hottest temperatures for major U.S. cities at 87 degrees, according to Komo News.

Hot and Hotter

If that weren’t toasty enough for our usually mild area, starting in late June and stretching into early July is a period of unusually excessive heat. The National Weather Service issued a warning July 1 to those in the Seattle area that an extended period of hot temperatures combined with high humidity could be dangerous, putting locals at risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Komo News predicted record heat.

Those who are active outdoors were advised to limit their activities to the cooler early morning or evening hours and to spend as much time as possible in air conditioned environments. This makes for a balmy Fourth of July, a time of year when many of us have worn heavy coats, bundled up in blankets, and sipped hot cocoa while watching fireworks. If this summer is already shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, imagine what August has in store!

How Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning Can Help

Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning provides much-needed relief from extreme heat by providing air conditioners, air conditioner installation, and service in the greater Seattle area. You can feel good about your decision to stay cool because we provide environmentally-friendly products that can help you conserve energy and reduce your cooling costs. Set up a free energy consultation or learn more about our products and services when you contact us online or by phone at 1-877-BRENNAN.


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Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality heating, cooling, and electrical services to the greater Seattle area.
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