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Air Conditioning Keeps High Humidity at Bay

While most people purchase AC systems to enjoy cooler temperatures in their homes, fewer people are aware of the role air conditioners play in reducing potentially hazardous in-home humidity. High humidity in your home promotes the growth of mold, mildew … Continue reading

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Is it time to change your furnace filter?

Did you know it’s a good idea to change your furnace filter every 60-90 days during the winter months? Visit our website for more great information about furnace installation repair and maintenance. These handy tips can help if you’re thinking … Continue reading

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It’s Freezing Out There! Reliable Home Heating to the Rescue!

As you may have seen on local weather reports, freezing temperatures will be the norm this week in the Seattle area, particularly overnight. The Weather Channel is reporting that highs are only expected to be in the low 30s for … Continue reading

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Replace Unsafe Space Heaters with Reliable Central Heat

Everyone’s interested in saving money on home heating costs, but not every option for doing so is in your family’s best interest. Some homeowners attempt to save money on home heating by using one or more space heaters in their … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Fall is here in full force, and temperatures in the Seattle metro area have already started dipping into the 40s overnight. As you’re all too aware, with increased usage of your home heating system comes increased energy bills. The good … Continue reading

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The History of Home Heating

These days when cold weather strikes, all we have to do is adjust our thermostats to enjoy the consistent warmth of home heating. It wasn’t always that easy to heat a home during winter, though. Before the advent of the … Continue reading

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Now Is the Time to Schedule Furnace Maintenance

With the upcoming arrival of fall comes many vital fall chores around your home, like winterizing your lawn, getting the chimney cleaned and re-caulking windows and doors against the cold. In the middle of all these responsibilities, don’t forget the … Continue reading

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Fall Is Coming: Is Your Furnace Ready?

Despite the toasty temperatures we’re experiencing in the Seattle area this week, fall is just around the corner — Sept. 22 to be precise. While most people are thinking about football season, pumpkin spice lattes or Thanksgiving plans, it’s a … Continue reading

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Trouble Sleeping? Air Conditioning Can Help!

If you’re one of the many people who loves sleeping in a crisp, cold room — perhaps bundled under blankets — then you’re already well aware of the role air conditioning plays in helping people sleep in the summer. Available … Continue reading

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A Digital Thermostat for the Modern Home

In a day and age where you can do everything from paying your bills to programming your TiVo on your smartphone, isn’t it time your heating and air conditioning system got up with the times? Brennan Heating and Air Conditioning … Continue reading

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